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Some of Our Clients

We provide commercial roofing services to companies big and small.  Our standard of excellence is the same regardless of the size of the company.  Below are some of our client testimonials.

  • Kent State University

    "We have used Allied Commercial Roofing Services for a number of years to perform building roof repairs and preventative maintenance.  They have always been reliable and quick to respond to any of our needs.  Mick is very responsible and committed to start and complete the projects in a timely and professional manner.


    I would not hesitate to recommend Allied Commercial Roofing Services for any of your roofing needs."


  • Experient, Inc

    "They say little things mean a lot. You may think that what you have done for us is no big deal. To tell you truth you stand out as a shining example of my favorite kind of vendor, Mick.  Your guys are wonderful.  And the fact that you would take the time to stay in contact with me after the job is done with further offerings of a solution to our problem is invaluable.  I really, really do appreciate your professional integrity and thoughtfulness."


  • Enterprise Point Condo Association

    "The job looks fantastic... I want to thank you for the workmanship and time you took to make repairs to help us out."

  • Kenderson Incorporated

    "As a Consultant in the roofing industry I am well qualified to assess the work of various contractors both as to method of application and materials used. Over many years I have had a professional relationship with Mick Manser and I have often recommended him to clients.


    Mick is very responsible and is keenly aware of time commitments for project inception and duration, a trait often not found in his competitors.


    He can be trusted to apply the materials specified in a workmanlike manner, strictly adhering to manufacturer specifications or higher. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and waterproof installation.


    At times defects or deterioration not observable at the beginning of a job become apparent as the surface is tom off. Mick will not just proceed to cover over such areas, which would result in an inferior and short-lived repair but not be immediately apparent to the Owner. Rather he will consult with the Owner to explain the situation, offer alternatives, and accomplish the most cost effective, appropriate installation.


    Mick's extensive experience in the industry has given him a very extensive knowledge of available products and their relative advantages and disadvantages in a specific situation.


    I have no hesitation in recommending Allied Commercial Roofing Services for your roofing repair needs."

  • Carnegie Management and Development Corporation

    Allied Commercial Roofing Services has performed roofing repairs and preventive maintenance for our firm for several years.


    I have found Mick Manser and his company to be professional, responsible, and they have always responded quickly to our service and project needs.


    I would highly recommend Allied Commercial Roofing Services for any of your roofing needs."