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Roofing Restoration

Photo of a roof restoration performed by Allied Commerical Roofing Services.

Roof restoration is our speciality.  Whether your roof is cold or hot applied, a modified bitumen, a single-ply, or a metal roof, restoration is a proactive, cost-effective process designed to prolong the life of your roof.


Roof restoration enhances the performance of your existing roof and its integral components by identifying and repairing defects and by providing a new top coat to restore continuity in waterproofing.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

less expensive than replacing a comparable roof

excellent value by protecting your initial roofing investment

reusing the existing roof saves tear-off and disposal costs

little disruption to the company’s daily routine as there is little or no roofing membrane to remove

cold process restoration eliminates noxious fumes and risk of fire compared to hot applied roofing